Child is the most precious treasure for any parents. They also become the assets and successor of the nation. Therefore, parents will do the best things to take care, nurture, and educate their children since they were very young.
The children’s age between 1-5 is the important period in their growth. This period also called as the children’s basic growth period. In this age, the development of children’s language skills, creativity, social awareness, emotional, and intelligence growth very quickly. It becomes the foundation of a child’s further development. In this period, mothers often face problems. Their nutritional needs are growing much, but their appetite tends to decrease.

Seltifort Kids, a food supplement for children, producted by Nufarindo, try to help parents who experience this through a Talk Show on Seltifort Kids Carnaval Event which was held on April 25, 2016 themed “CHILD GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT” with pediatrician (dr. Hari Wahyu Nugroho,Sp. A, M. Kes.), psychologist (Elina Raharisti R., S.Psi., M.A.), and also with a team of PT . Nufarindo (Felita Novianti Fredy, S. Farm., Apt.).

PT . Nufarindo cooperate with the Terang Abadi TV, one of local TV stations in Solo to manage Seltifort Kids Carnaval, also held various kids competitions, such as Baby Crawling Contest, Moving Ball Contest, Baby Dancing Contest, Kids Photo Contest, and Fashion Show Contest. Besides, there are also playground facility, photo booth, and KIDZ Bazar station to cheer up every child who came to participate this event. The event ran a whole day and that was realy fun and wonderful.