Exeltis as one of Multinational Pharmaceutical companies puts patient safety as our top priority. In all of our drug’s development, Exeltis aims to ensure the proper and safe use of our medicines.

With references to Regulation of Minister of Health No. 1799 / Menkes / Per / XII / 2010, Article 9 and Regulation of Head of National Agency Drug and Food Control No. HK. year 2011 on the Implementation of Pharmacovigilance for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The following are related to Pharmacovigilance:

  1. Adverse Events (AE), Adverse Events that occur during therapy with the product, but not necessarily caused by the product.
  2. Product Complaint

Therefore, any issues relating to Pharmacovigilance, please report immediately to our Pharmacovigilance Team. We are available 24 hours through:

–  Email                       :

–  Direct phone        : (+62)822-2517-7979 (24 hours, 7 days a week)

In the Pharmacovigilance reporting, please specify the four criteria: Reporter – Patient – Product – Adverse Events.